Why We Are Different

The New Tier1 Business Acceleration Process Is Predictable, Certain and Secure.

Tier1 business programs are ONLY for serious people who want to use the most accelerated business systems and advanced teaching and learning to propel their business momentum.

If you’re wanting to get more high paying clients, charge higher fees that seem scary to you right now, and build an educational dominating machine so that clients come to you, rather than you running after them, then you have to create an entirely new way to experience massive market traction.

Read The Following Carefully To Make Sure This Is For You. This is not a ‘sales page’ so this means we are not trying to sell you anything or get you to join something.

Instead, let’s get down to business (like my clients love about me) and showcase who this is FOR specifically, and this is NOT FOR.

Sound good?

OK, Super. Let’s Get Down To Business…

This mentoring IS for:

  • Business owners, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other professionals who want to start or grow their own advice-based business in the fastest way possible

  • People who would love to use the same systems my clients (we have clients from North America to Europe) use to educate their market place to choose their programs which I show you how to create for $5,000, $15,000, $25,000 and much higher.

  • People who would like direct assistance with me to close their first high level deal such as Bill C. did, closing a $157,000 deal two weeks after signing up Tier1. p.s. He did not get side-tracked with fancy Mission and Vision exercises, personality diagnostics or complicated campaigns.

  • People who value contributing to others and to their marketplace just as much as (or more than) they value making money.

  • People who are HONEST and ETHICAL in their approach and who enjoy helping clients get results—massive results.

  • People who know their business can grow and are willing to work harder and ACT SMARTER and build their business from the most intelligent business model. People who are already taking action, and who want to build a “marketing machine” so they can multiply their income AND have a lifestyle business.

  • People who are tired of being enslaved to a business model that devalues their worth.

This program is NOT for:

  • People who just want to “make money” but don’t yet know what kind of expertise they want to share with their audience.

  • People who do NOT want to ever pick up a phone and have conversations with their clients and potential customers.

  • People who want to hide behind their email or excuses for inactivity.

  • People who are perpetually in “information gathering” mode and are not prepared to take specific action and get accelerated results.

  • People who are not committed to winning by getting out of their comfort zone so that they can act smarter.

         And let’s just be completely up-front about my mentoring: It IS an investment, not merely an 
         expense. As my clients will tell you though, “you get to pay for the best and only cry once!”

         More importantly, you’ll need to be prepared to implement like crazy and act smarter than you’ve ever
         acted before in your life.

 (In other words, there are no “easy buttons” and mentoring doesn’t work by magic…However, You will  
 be able to create the ultimate leverage for your business following my predictable, certain and secure
 systems to grow your business using the same systems I have created to build one of the fastest
 growing mentoring and consulting businesses today.)

Here’s what you need to do…

It’s pretty simple.

There’s no opt-in, no long funnel and no hype or product launches.

I don’t believe in them.

Instead, at the bottom of this page, you’ll see the second part of the application.

We’re really just trying to weed out the “tire kickers” and those who love to audit programs but NEVER commit to taking focused, outcome driven action.

And secondly, to help me sort through all of the requests that come into my International Office.

We also have a queue for our mentoring programs and this allows us to prioritize the most qualified applications.

NOTE: If you are selected, you will be a Case Study while working with me so you must not be afraid of media coverage and other forms of promotion we will provide your business.

Anyway, the application will be sent directly to me and one of two things will happen:

(1) I will personally decide that we are not a good match and let you know politely, or

(2) I will decide that we could be a good match and schedule a ‘Speed-to-Market’ Consultation with my International Office to ensure that we really are.

This will  assist me to decide just how ready you are to finally WIN in business using a completely new business acceleration system working directly with me, Ross Rains.

There’s no pressure involved. Absolutely none.

If you want in, great. If not, no problem.

Because this involves access to all of my proprietary business acceleration systems, we are incredibly selective about only accepting clients who are ready to make huge leaps in their businesses over the next several months.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I promise you this will change your business and your life—providing you the ultimate business model to create a lifestyle business.

Write to my office at rrains@tier1exec.com. Describe your business challenge in a short paragraph. Our office will rush you a Ring Of Fire Assessment immediately.