"Every call with Ross is an exercise in facing reality and results in recognizing and stretching into your potential. Ross is insightful and determined to help you push forward in the areas needed. He comes from a deep values base that sees the world and everything in it from a positive and powerful place. I recommend Ross to any serious business leader." Jamie M. Owner/Coach At Maximum Impact

"Ross was innovative and committed in his role of President at BBL. I observed him organize and launch an event that I had an opportunity to speak at, and his unique way of bringing people together for their mutual benefit, while seeking cutting edge knowledge and best practices, enriched their lives and businesses. When you want vision to be translated into action, call Ross!" Terry A., Leadership Expert And Speaker

"Ross is a leaders coach 'par excellence'. He has served as a coaches' coach. And he has experience in the profit, not-for-profit and volunteer sectors with both large and small organizations having worked in every province ...unlike most. As a man of integrity with a humble heart and desire to serve others, I highly recommend him to leaders at every level."  Gary P., People Development Associates

"Ross is a serious business minded leader and a caring coach in a top tier faith based organization. He is competent yet humble and commands the respect of his followers, who typically take on his character. His peers respect him and honor his work. Ross' vision and courage has made Tier1's growth possible in Canada."
Jeff A., Convene CEO Roundtables

"Ross is a mentor of leaders. BBL provides a forum for the growth of leaders on all levels, vocationally, intellectually and spiritually. His experience and sensitivity to people's needs are unique and powerful. Results show the strength of his encouraging input to organizations and individual lives." Phil D., Partners International

Ross Suited Colour

CEOs/Business Owners are saying ...

"My experience with Ross’ Tier 1 Ring Of Fire Assessment has been nothing short of transformational! Besides helping me to recognize that I have unique IP, he also showed me that my ideal clients need all that I have to offer! I have been shown how to develop my own sales system, in order to assert myself as a Trusted Advisor in my niche with unique strategies, tools and supports. Ross is the real deal, and he truly does what he says he will do. He has definitely helped me to” think bigger about who I am and what I offer the market and the world." Nic R., Investment Planning Council

"Ross is a committed leader who goes above and beyond in his desire to help leaders move to the next level. His empathy and insight break down the barriers so meaningful dialogue can occur. His interest in helping leaders achieve breakthrough is sincere. Ross's advice and support was invaluable during the challenging times of my business career and I highly recommend Ross if you are looking for accountability, feedback and ideas to grow your business and leadership skills.." Gloria P., Managing Director, Zu International


"As a new business owner, Ross has helped me to quickly take my business to the next level, by ensuring that I'm focusing on activities that generate revenue. 
Ross has assisted me in seeing through the noise of everyday business, allowing me to zero in on the types of clients that I want to work with and then showing me how to better serve them. He opened my eyes to areas of my business that I had given little thought to, helping to transform the way that I do certain tasks and activities. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Ross!"  Jonathon H., Blake Strategies Group

"Ross has the ability to see key opportunities and then bring them into reality! He has excellent business instincts. I have watched him mentor others successfully. He has my highest recommendation." Lauren L., TWR International CEO


Are you beginning with the end in mind?

You have only four choices, four ultimate purposes with your business:

1. Build it up, and then let it die slowly.
2. Build it up, and sell it privately.
3. Build it up, and bring it public in an IPO or roll it up into a larger corporation.
4. Build it up, and pass it along to your successors.

Most business owners are slow to do the long range thinking necessary to guide the ultimate outcome of their business. Often it is because they do not have an ultimate purpose in mind for their business.

And, this void can leave loved ones in the dark. Write today to receive your complimentary copy of a proprietary 2-page report on Estate And Succession Planning by Tier1. No one is teaching is this. If you are serious about where you business will end up, you need to get a copy of this report.